Go Local: Eat Wild Fish

Line-Caught Bigeye Tuna.



Wahoo (Ono).

Moonfish (Opah).

And that’s just to start!

Are you getting hungry yet?

Hawaii Seafood is a premium fresh product, which happen to be the perfect accompaniment to all that lovely produce at the Farmer’s Market I wrote about yesterday.

Sure, you can eat chicken or beef, and from high quality sources, no less, but there’s just something about the hot temps and the selection of wild fish that is caught that very day that appeals so much more than the same old, same old.

And if you’re concerned, as you should be, about being able to discern whether or not the fish you’re about to order on the menu is sustainable, all it takes is a quick check with the Hawaiian Seafood Council, a non-profit organization which supports responsible fisheries and sustainable seafood in Hawaii for future generations through consumer education, outreach, and research.

They believe that marine fisheries, fishing and seafood are essential to Hawaii’s unique culture, food traditions, diversified economy, food security and healthy lifestyle.

Once that’s been sorted, you can select from the many offerings based on only on what appeals to your tastebuds, but feeling confident that your body will benefit from all the goodness the wild fish has to offer.

Benefits of many of the local fish include:

  • Rich source of protein
  • Niacin and vitamin B6, vitamin B12
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Low in sodiumHawaii
  • Rich in omega-3’s (DHA and EPA) 

What’ll it be tonight…or this morning?

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