Silly Paleo

Every morning, when I check my email, I scan through my Google alerts.

Whereas as recently as just a few years ago, the alerts would draw attention to a new study that had been done or a book that had been released, the notifications today are now bordering on, or beyond, laughable.

Scrolling down the entire email, you’ll see a laundry list of Faux Paleo recipes, one after the other, such as Double Chocolate Bacon Paleo Brownies, Banana Paleo Pancakes with Coconut Whipped Cream and perhaps some Cauliflower Paleo ‘Porridge’ with raisins, cinnamon and honey.

What began as a means to creating an occasional treat within the realm of keeping consistent to a True Paleo regime has spawned a veritable Paleo monster, that’s no longer even Paleo.

My wish would be that this growing number of pretend, silly Paleo food-like items is a flash in the pan part rather than something that could get so big as to overtake the real approach, which is all too often, and incorrectly, referred to as a trend.

If only these recipes, websites, cookbook and informational sources could be presented with the proverbial grain of salt, to let those new to Paleo understand that any of the examples listed above can certainly be enjoyed from time to time.

However, to base the entire regime on daily consumption of them is not the point, does not mimic what our ancestors ate with foods readily available to us in our grocery stores and farmer’s markets and does not allow the body to reduce inflammation.

And as there is no trademark on the word, Paleo, it’s used more and more loosely.  Just the other day I saw a box of energy bars at the local bike shop marked ‘Paleo friendly’ that contained soy, cane syrup, rice syrup and oats.

What’s next?  Paleo Pizza Hut?

Wish I were kidding, but it really has gotten that bad.

What can we do?  Well, for one thing, a quick email to any company manufacturing items being sold as Paleo that are not won’t hurt.

It all really just comes back to education.   Teach yourself, teach others and lead by example.  And maybe don’t buy the Paleo protein made from pea powder with added aspartame.