Wednesday, November 15th

7am: green powder, soy lecithin & flax meal in water (note to all who are possibly counting calories- this little concoction alone is 100 calories, roughly 30 calories each for the green powder, lecithin and flax meal. Yes, I do count calories and if you are looking to get lean, you do need to know what, and how much, you’re eating! Every bite counts!) to swallow vitamins, 1/2 egg whites (I love the organic, free range liquid egg whites from Whole Foods!) cooked in 1/4 tsp olive oil, banana (because I am going to run directly afterward) w. 1 T raw almond butter, espresso

2 hour trail run; 1 gel during, small recovery drink post

lunch: heap of organic mixed field greens, 1/4 avocado, 4 oz broiled salmon, mandarin orange, 3 oz yam

afternoon meal: multi-green kombucha, 2 oz sliced turkey, handful of organic baby carrots, 1/2 oz raw mixed nuts

feeding time again: apple w. raw almond butter

dinner: 3 oz chicken breast, seaweed salad, raw green bell pepper, 4 oz grapes, herbal tea