Have You Checked Your (Paleo Shopping) List Twice?

Food shopping list, that is!

At this time of year, a mere four days before Christmas, I must admit that there is one word that often comes to mind, and it is not festive.

That word is “YIKES!”.

Not only do people often  feel amped up in a good way about the holidays, they also feel as though they’ve got a million things to do and a feeling of there simply not being enough hours in the day.

Fortunately, a worry about what to serve on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and how to prepare everything does NOT need to be one of those concerns.  For me,  those as things I’ve had dialed in for quite some time and, as always, I’m happy to share and help wherever I can!

How about you?

What are you finding yourself scrambling to get done or plan, in terms of planning your holiday Paleo feast?

Send me your last minute ‘I need help’ questions while you still have a little bit of time left!

If you ‘make your list’ today, or even tomorrow, and then ‘check it twice’ for good measure, of course, you can still executive a lovely PALEO holiday dinner, luncheon or cocktail party…whatever is your holiday norm!