Paleoista Goes Social

Feeling like you’re the only one you know who’s eating this ‘radical, crazy’ diet?  (You know I’m kidding, I hope!) Looking for like minded individuals to network with?

Why not start a Meet Up?

That’s what I recently did, and there are already over 40 people who have joined and we’ve got our first Paleo In LA Meeting coming up on the 24th of January.

While I realize I may have an advantage in terms of having more people to talk shop with, given my profession, but I continue to look for ways to promote Paleo awareness and, on a very fundamental level, reach as many people as I can to make a positive impact on our society’s health.

All are welcome to the Paleo in LA group, and if you’re not in the vicinity, why not start your own?

Click here for more details about Paleo in LA and hope to see you there!