Road Trip Snacks For The Driver

En route home from vacation via car, or on a not-too distance business trip?

No need to depend on the fried food from convenience stores to see you though til your next healthy meal!

If you're the driver, and can't exactly eat a messy salad, try:

-Steamed, chilled broccoli stalks with an apple and some raw walnuts (yes, I do really eat broccoli while I'm driving!)

-Sliced turkey with orange segments and a handful of raw almonds

-A homemade smoothie with egg white protein powder, raw walnut butter, flax oil and some frozen berries

-Sliced roast beef wrapped around spinach and avocado (eaten as a 'wrap') with a pear

-In a pinch, most of the Lara Bars (except their two flavors with peanuts) can work as well, though you might find they're better eaten along with some savory protein as they are rather sweet, despite having a good dose of healthy fat.

Keep hydrated, sip your green tea and stop to stretch the legs from time to time.. you'll get to your destination more smoothly than if you were in the middle of a blood sugar crash from eating a candy bar and a soda!