A Paleo Oscar Party? Why Not?

Oscar parties are rather common, not only here in Los Angeles, for those in the industry  but also countrywide, for many a film aficionado.

If you’re hosting, you needn’t feel compelled to serve bruschetta, crostini with hummus or Brie de Margeaux and Black Label Camembert with grapes. Actually, you can serve the grapes.  But not only grapes!

If you’re hosting a casual evening viewing party with friends and want to stay more along the lines of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, approach it just as you would a regular Paleo meal: with balance.  In other words, offer several veg choices, and some protein choices and be sure to include some lovely, tasty fats, like avocado and coconut oil.

Some of your many options include:

  • Good old crudites.  Yes, admittedly, these are always a go-to staple for me, but they’re always a hit!  Opt for fresh purple carrots, blanched romanesco  and orange cauliflower florets along with sliced red bell peppers, and offer homemade guacamole as a Paleo alternative to a cheese-based dip.
  • Grilled veggie platter.  Zucchini, onion, eggplant and bell peppers work nicely, add some fresh pineapple to add a hint of sweet to the savory.
  • “Deli meat” (not really) platter.  Thinly shave turkey breast slices from one you’ve roasted yourself, along with pastured pork tenderloin and grass fed bison or beef.  Offer with homemade salsa, using lime juice rather than vinegar and plate atop an array of leaves.
  • Chicken and/or bison skewers.  Marinate cubed meat in olive oil, garlic and cumin, then thread onto mini skewers with chunks of sweet onion, then grill or broil until cooked.  Serve with a dipping sauce made of lime juice, cilantro and olive oil.
  • Salmon bites.   Pan sear wild salmon in coconut oil, then place on small appetizer plates atop mache lettuce and finish with thinly sliced fresh ginger and freshly ground pepper and perhaps some chili powder for a little heat.
  • Salads.  Offer several different salad options, and leave naked so guests can drizzle on their own olive oil and lemon juice.  One of my faves is wild mesclun greens, fresh strawberries, raw walnuts, avocado, shaved fennel and edible flowers.
  • Sweets.   Frozen fruit is a surprisingly lovely option.  Grapes, in particular, become quite decadent when frozen.  Alternatively, sliced apples or pears tossed in lemon juice, then sprinkled with cinnamon and a bit of toasted pecan are delicious as well.
  • If you’re offering a theme drink, remember to keep it to clear spirits rather than sugary, syrupy cocktails or, even better, some nice, full bodied reds.

Perhaps you’re attending a formal party?   Another little reminder of a nice side effect of being Paleo; if you follow Paleo properly all the time, you’ll get to show off your lean, fit body in your choice of cut, color and fabric for that perfect dress or suit  you’ve been wanting to wear on a special, formal occasion!