Animals Shouldn’t Be Fat, Either

It breaks my heart to see a fat dog or a fat cat, or a fat pet of any kind.  It’s completely uncalled for and beyond inappropriate.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to allow your pet, who is completely dependent on you, to become overweight or worse, obese, and then, as a result, develop all sorts of “would’ve been preventable” maladies and diseases.

Not only serious illnesses, like cancers, can develop from animals being fed food they’re not supposed to be eating (sound familiar?), but also less severe, but perhaps far more lingering and uncomfortable issues, like dermatitis, depressed immunity and a lack of joie de vivre can also can develop when dogs and cats are fed things like corn, rice, potato, wheat, soy and all sorts of leftover, poor quality meat byproducts.

Add to that the mentality that some have which is ‘to give treats to their dogs or cats is to show love’ and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  Of course, there is a time and a place for small treats- perhaps a small (I’m talking about a 1/2″ cube of a dried liver treat for our 80# Weimaraner) treat is in order when he fetches the morning paper, but that’s it.

It’s not ‘scrape your leftover bits of nonfood into your dog’s bowl’. He’s not a living garbage can!  Furthermore, you shouldn’t be eating corn, rice, potato, wheat, soy and all sorts of leftover, poor quality meat byproducts either!

Think of how easily controllable a weight issue in a human would be if their every meal was closely monitored and they were fed only when appropriate, and only the precise amount they needed to live a healthy active life, nothing more and nothing less.  If you took human emotion and food (sugar!) addiction out of the equation, we wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity epidemic!

How simple it is, then, to be kind to your dog, cat or whatever pet you have, by feeding him or her a high quality Paleo diet, and not inundating him or her with toxins or simply too much food.  

And please, don’t put your dog or cat on a vegetarian diet.  That’s just mean.

Source a local raw-food vendor in your area, or check into making your own food.  Do your homework, though, as it’s not as simple as just giving your dog a lump of raw meat!  They need more balance than that.  Ask your vet, or check out Dr. Pitcairn’s Book ; a must-have for anyone who wants to support their pet’s health naturally.