Squeezable Oatmeal in Plastic for Kids- What’s Next?

I can understand the thinking that old fashioned oatmeal might be a good breakfast for kids.  

Don’t agree with the grains, of course, however, it’s easy to see why one might think a hearty bowl of oats and fresh berries might be a better way to start the day compared to a bowl of brightly-dyed, dried-grain, sugary cereal covered with some bovine bodily fluid (milk).

Here’s what I don’t get- why on Earth is it necessary to take said oats, put them in a plastic, squeezy package, add some butter and cream, some quinoa and some fruit along with ‘traces of wheat’ and then give it to your kids?

The company’s site states that the packaging is BPA-free, but it’s still packaging.

Can’t we just give the kids a piece of fruit?