Based on Paleo Principles

“Paleolithic people didn’t eat salad; they would have just eaten leaves they’d picked.”  “Paleolithic people didn’t eat Wild Salmon Sashimi over Seaweed; they’d just have eaten the fish bite by bite”.


Probably true.

But does that mean those of us who chose to be Paleo have to do the same?

I hardly think so.

In fact, one of the very reasons I wrote Paleoista in the first place was to illustrate that we don’t have to be “cavie” in order to be Paleo.  In other words, the woman in the drawing above needn’t be what we strive for as a role model!  I certainly don’t.

The basic principles, in my opinion, are what we need to adhere to.  No grains, dairy or legumes.  Everything fresh, nothing process.  Oh, and move.

An updated and more modern approach are what make the lifestyle feasible and sustainable.  I love cooking, and I love that there are ways to Paleoize nearly everything. I really don’t see a downside to eating a salad made of wild greens, local blueberries and avocado with some sliced grass fed on top,  when the only argument against it is that “if I were really Paleo, I’d skip the salad bowl and  utensils and squat on the dirt floor to eat with my hands”.

Nothing wrong with that approach, of course… just a different take than mine.

I do think, however, that an issue arises when ‘based on Paleo’ gets taken too out of context and we see things like a protein powder marketed as Paleo that contains rice and pea protein (and that’s Paleo how?) or a recipe marked as Paleo that calls for canned coconut milk and soy sauce (again- how are those Paleo?).

Stick to the right foods, and prepare them as  you like.  The more thought you put into it and the nicer your presentation (both of which do not require a significant amount of time), the better eating experience you’ll have.

Pardon me; time for dinner now- wild salmon that I did not catch myself along with some broccoli that I did not actually pick.  So be it.