Paleo In A Hurry

Stuck out for longer than you’d expected and you’ve already finished all your thoughtfully prepared Paleo meals and snacks you brought from home?

No need to resort to candy bars or bright orange corn chips.

One of the easiest places to make a fast Paleo meal is at even the most unlikely grocery store.   Of course, it’s handy if you happen to be near a Whole Foods, or health store, but a regular, run of the mill franchise grocer can work, too.

Take a quick spin into produce and see what you can find.   A triple washed container of arugula and a small avocado will go perfectly with some natural, sliced turkey, rolled into a wrap with the turkey on the outside.   Or, grab some bagged, and pre-washed spinach, a small bag of raw walnuts, an apple and a small can of water-packed tuna.   

No, canned tuna isn’t an “A” choice, but given the situation, it’s sometime the better choice of two not so great options.

I’ve implemented this strategy not only at grocery stores, but even at gas stations, in a real pinch, as well as at the airport.

The more you practice, the easier it gets.  It’s never worth suffering the consequences that can occur in your mind and body when you eat grains, dairy and legumes…or anything made with or from them.

Keep it clean, keep it Paleo and keep it real…