Exercise On Vacation? Absolutely!

One factor that is always taken into consideration when my husband and I plan a getaway, regardless of how long it may be, is "Where can we run?".   

We love our sport so much, so why would going out of town be grounds for not doing it?  While I recognize it's not always practical for us to bring our bikes, or to find a pool, running is something we can do anywhere!

We always plan ahead and bring easily portable meals to eat first thing in the morning before we run (egg white protein powder or actual hard boiled eggs to mix with natural applesauce or babyfood banana, or a banana), then head out on our way.  We see so many things in new places that we otherwise wouldn't see, keep on top of our training and start the day off in our favourite way.

If it's travel to a place which is not that conducive to outdoor running or if we're extremely pinched for time, there's always the hotel treadmill.

If you have been one to think that going away means going off the rails with your fitness and nutrition, think again- it so doesn't have to be that way!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see an example of what deliciious Paleo meals we find at our hotel!