Horseradish & Beef

Pretty common pair, isn't it?  And seemingly Paleo… or is it?

Well, horseradish itself IS, but most commercail preparations contain vinegar, which would exclude.

However, that doesn't mean you have to shun it!

I had an amazingly creative dish at lunch the other day and I just HAD to blog about it.  My main course was a petit filet (rare, or course), with a very interesting 'sauce' on the side.

Typically, I'm not one for sauces and as a rule, I'll ask for 'no sauce' or 'sauce on the side' (the latter, only because sometimes that seems to be an easier message to get across… go figure), but in this case, the restaurant was already aware of the fact that I would not be eating soy, dairy or gluten.   This had been confirmed by the host, the maitre'd as well as the server, by the way.

So, when I chose my entree, and double checked again with the server, she told me the ingredients: horse radish, d'anjou pear and baked butternut squash, all whizzed into a lovely puree and then heated just a touch, then served in a beautiful presentation atop my  meat…leaves underneath.

Voila! It was as delish as it sounds.

Give it a whirl- throw in a little of each, taste as you go and make up your own ratio of sweet to savory!  Could definitely work for Thanksgiving, too…in the event you're opting to serve a red meat in lieu of turkey!