Deep Fried Filet Mignon and Other Forms of Adultery

Take Paleo out of the picture for a moment; some food preparations are just…wrong!  

I walked past a restaurant the other day and had a quick peruse of the menu; deep-fried filet mignon was one offering that caught my eye in particular.

Why would you do that to such a gorgeous piece of meat?

Granted, if someone orders what they consider a salad which is really nothing more than half a head of iceberg lettuce coated in a cup of buttermilk dressing, at least one can understand the ‘why’ behind doing so:   the lettuce might not taste like anything so adding the creamy, savory topping makes sense in an attempt to give is some flavor.    (Arguably, one might just opt for a more flavorful lettuce, like arugula, but that’s beside the point).

Other ‘interesting’ food combinations that made me wince include:

  • Chocolate creamsicle flavored kale chips
  • Pastured pork tenderloin topped with a Velveeta-based sauce
  • Fire roasted veggies that turned out to have been dredged in flour
  • Sauteed spinach served in a dish with more butter than spinach

Perhaps the one that ‘takes the cake’ is something I read about in last week’s Times:  a stick of deep fried butter.

What have you seen?   I’m always curious to learn more about what concoctions people come up with, both healthy paleo ones and odd non-Paleo ones alike!