Double Chocolate Triple Bacon Date Honey Paleo Treats

Say what?
Ok, I made that one up.  But you can bet it’s not going to be long before you see a recipe with this title.

As if by inserting this one little word into a ridiculous concoction that is anything but representative of a True Paleo regime, it suddenly makes it a good option to consume regularly in place of meals comprised of fresh produce, natural fats and wild proteins.

It seems every day more and more products, books, magazine and websites are popping up out of the woodwork, confusing people, making people afraid of Paleo along with the misrepresentation of it and doing a great job and making it look like nothing more than another gimmicky, trendy, fad diet, which it simply, in reality, is not.

If you’re confused- check in with the experts, and start with Dr. Cordain’s The Paleo Diet.

I can’t even begin to  tell you how many people I’ve come across that haven’t even read that book yet!  It’s absolutely the number one must read for anyone who’s interested in adopting this healthy regime.

The basic premise is so, so common sense, it’s silly, almost.

Eat a lot of fresh veggies.  Eat some good fat and eat some natural protein. And don’t eat junk in packages….even if they are marked with the P-word (as in Paleo, miused!).

Do that, and move…try it for thirty days to see how your body responds and then see if you can still say you believe it when you read a recipe for something like the fabricated title above.

Eat more kale!