Is THAT Supposed To Be Food?

At a recent concert, I just couldn't help it.  I just HAD to sneakily take a snap at the plastic tray of (pseudo) food that the woman sitting next to me was eating:

Concert food?

And this was at well known, new and quite popular venue, no less; not a hole in the wall, run down theatre nor on a campground, Coachella style!

What exactly is that on the plate?   Everything appeared to be fried and of the same shade of a yellow-ish brown, apart from some sort of dipping sauce (corn-syrup laden ketsup?)

May I wax poetic for one second and just ask, why can't they serve something cheap, simple and clean?   Why do people knowingly inflict such toxins upon their bodies?  It needn't be gourmet fare for the offering- and while i realize most people don't want to eat steamed broccoli or raw kale the way i normally do, how about offering something that would appeal- like a salad with grilled chicken and some fruit?

If only, if only, if only!

For those of you who are Paleo- let's keep it up and continue to educate those around us to make our society a healthier one!