Grass-Fed Pork?

A reader recently sent me an email asking how pork could be Paleo if it's grain fed.  Well, you don't have to buy grain fed pork as grass fed is a healthier, more natural option.

While I'm spoiled here in Los Angeles with several local providers, I was ill-equipped to reply until I did a quick google search and came up with several US Vendors, all of whom ship within the domestic US.

As far as WHICH ONE to go with, I must ask for you to stay tuned as I'm in the process of sampling their wares and once I find a great source that I'm happy to recommend, I will do so!

In the interim, ask your local butcher for referrals; just knowing that grass-fed pork is a viable option is the important starting point, just as knowing there is such a thing, in fact, as wild (as opposed to farmed) shrimp (another somewhat recent reader question).

Readers- if you have any referrals, send them my way!