Sear That Chicken

Looking for the most perfectly crisp skin and moist meat when you’re preparing what would otherwise be the same old, boring chicken?

Think skin.

Buying bone-in, skin-on is not only more cost effective, it’ll render a juicier finished product.

Remove the  bones from some skin-on pastured chicken breasts (plan on one per person; they’re far smaller than the chicken breasts from battery-caged hens).  Pound them flat with a tenderizer tool then sear, skin side down, in a pan with coconut oil for about six or seven minutes.  Flip over, remove from pan, rest under foil and use that same oil to sauté your favorite chopped greens.

The skin will be crisp, the veggies oh-so-flavorful and you’ll only have one pan to wash!

The leftovers make the perfect breakfast the next day, too…