Another Paleo Protein?

When a friend told me the other day he’d found a protein powder to replace the whey he’d been using that was Paleo friendly, I was skeptical.

With the word Paleo being used so widely and inaccurately, it’s hard to tell  by the name alone whether or not a product is legit.

One product, in fact, by Designs for Health, uses whey, for its “PaleoMeal”, while another brand one client had uses pea and rice protein.  

Not sure when whey, peas and rice became Paleo but clearly I missed that.

A little research showed that the MHP brand doesn’t contain whey; rather, it’s made of beef and egg.  However, it does contain the additives Hydrolyzed Gelatin along with Cellulose, Xanthan and  Carrageenan Gums, which for many people can cause GI distress as well as inflammation due to their anti nutrient properties.

When there are other protein powders on the market that are much cleaner, like my favorite, PaleoPro, there’s no need to ingest any that have the potential to cause any ill side effects.

Do keep in mind, though, that I’d recommend keeping all powders, even if they are additive free to the ‘in a pinch’ category and not make them your daily mainstay.

Fresh, raw eggs if you have a good, reliable source or soft boiled eggs both make excellent choices as the protein component of a smoothie which is where you’d most often find the powders being used.

In addiiton, using real eggs is far more cost effective.  

Take away on this product?  I’d pass, personally.  Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to not purposefully eat things that I know will make me feel ill.