And On That Wine Tip…

Being resourceful as ever, I felt quite efficient yesterday when I finally came up with a use for a bottle of white wine that was given to us as a present over a year ago.

I cooked with it.  No, I don’t mean I drank it while I cooked; rather, I incorporated it into a pork loin recipe I prepared for dinner.  I reduced the entire bottle to about two tablespoons over the course of thirty minutes in a heavy bottomed saucepan, simmering over low, then whizzed it with lemon zest, fresh thyme and black pepper, then rubbed it into a pastured pork loin.  

Even if you’re not a oenophile, or if you cannot tolerate alcohol, including it in cooking is one way of adding another dimension to the flavor profile of a dish as the alcohol will evaporate, leaving flavor behind.

A dash of a big, red wine in a Paleo friendly marsala sauce, or a drizzle of white in a shrimp scampi dish are but two examples of how to incorporate this age-old beverage into your meals.

What’s your favorite way to use it?