Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Over the River and Through the Woods…Snacks to Eat on the Way to Grandma’s!

If a long car journey to see the family is part of your holiday plans this year, planning ahead to be sure to include some snacks for the little ones as well as the adults is a great way to keep everyone’s mood festive and upbeat instead getting too hungry and turning into a grumpy grinch.

Pack a cooler with some ice and fill it with:

  • Sliced carrots, cucumbers, red bell peppers in zippy bags
  • Raw walnuts, macadamias and Brazilnuts
  • Leftover sliced turkey
  • Fresh fruit, whatever happens to be local and seasonal in your area

Save the rest stops for  break for everyone to get out and stretch their legs, keep the coffee shops along the way for a cuppa hot tea or a black espresso for the driver and the gas station marts for bottled water.

When you get to grandma’s, though a little fidgety from sitting still, the kids and the spouse will be in far better spirits than if you’d made pit stops at McDonalds or Dairy Queen along the way!