What a Day- Ancestral Health Symposium…

Friday was quite a day, attending and speaking at the Ancestral Health Symposium was an honor.  Typically, I address groups that are learning how to do Paleo, or athletes or those relatively new to the lifestyle.

Yesterday… not so much!   I LOVE speaking publicly about Paleo, but I must admit that at the beginning of the symposium, I felt a little bit of what I cannot liken to anything else besides race day jitters!

All good- that only  meant it was very important to me, and that it would go well.  That's the theory that I apply to myself in racing, so why not in other important events, right?

I so enjoyed  speaking with Dr. Cordain as we'd not seen one another since before the cookbook!  It was also fantastic to meet many of the people in person that are esteemed experts in the Paleo world, including Boyd Eaton, Pedro Bastos and Robb Wolf.

My favorite bit, though, had to be meeting so many of you who follow my blog and tweets- THAT was more than inspiring and I thank you so much for continuing to read, engage and keep educating those around you about how they, too, can easily adapt our Paleo Lifestyle!