Healthy Holiday Tip: Move it to Lose it!

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s that time of year again during which we could all use some help in staying true to our clean eating and workout routine.

In years past, I’ve done a daily holiday tip to help you stay on track with nutrition, exercising and overall wellness during this festive, yet sometimes potentially stressful time.

Why not start this year with something pertinent to many: is it possible to actually lose weight during the holidays without restriction?

You bet!

Below are my top three tips to enjoy the festivities while staying fit and without compromise:

  • Keep it moving!  Studies (1) show that when we move, we’re more likely to make healthier food choices.  So, come on now and get your groove on, whether that’s going for a run in the snow, hitting the gym for a spin class or just taking a walk.  The sooner you can add this as part of your regime, the less likely you are to pack on any extra pounds.
  • Eat more fat.   Up the olive oil you’re drizzling on your salad, throw a bit more coconut oil in the skillet to saute your spinach and scoop up an extra spoonful of almond butter into that veggie smoothie you’re making for on the go. It’s been proven many a time that a high fat approach is the way to go for many (2).   When we are more satiated from the moment we start our day, we stabilize our blood sugar, making those cookies in the office lose their appeal.
  • Choose your splurges.   When planned in advance, and when we give ourself the ok to have a slice of decadence vis a vis a flourless torte or something of the like, we create emotional freedom to enjoy, then move on, rather than haphazardly make a poor food choice and decide all was for naught.   Eat mindfully, enjoying it with all senses, and notice how this sits with you, making it easy to stay right on track with your healthy habits without missing a beat.

What holiday hitches are you running into?

Let’s be a bit more interactive:  send me your own holiday tips as well as any questions, comments or suggestions you’d like to contribute that you’ve come up with on your own.

Reach out!  I’m here to help!