For many, a daily broth is a regular part of the diet.   

No sooner would they skip drinking enough water than miss getting their dose of gut healing amino acids, gut sealing gelatin and collagen to reduce inflammation.

But what about folks who are just learning about all its many benefits?

What’s the easiest way to begin incorporating this ancient panacea into one’s regime?

Below are five easy ways to get started (and don’t worry if you’re not exactly a seasoned cook, pun intended; none of them are more difficult than some easy chopping and throwing a few ingredients together):

  1. Simple and Delicious:   I created my broths to be consumed either on their own, or to be used in a recipe.  (Tip – if the broth you’re drinking doesn’t taste good on its own, this may be a reason to begin making your own, or at least going on a mission to find one that is delicious all by itself).    Place in a saucepan over low.   Heat to a simmer and pour into a mug.   Add accoutrements if you like, such as a twist of lemon or a pinch of ginger… drink just as it is.
  2. Keto Special:  Heat 8 oz broth over low in a saucepan on the stove.   Pour into blender.  Add 1 Tablespoon raw butter and blend on low.  Pour into a mug and top with a pinch of Himalayan Salt.   *Time saving tip*   Make this in the morning before you leave for your busy day, but pour it into your thermal travel cup so it’s there for you when you need it!
  3. Bone  Broth Smoothie:  This one is also great for kids (and picky eaters who are not kids!). Place 8oz broth in blender.  Add one cup baby kale, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 avocado and whiz to combine.  Throw in some crushed ice if you prefer a more frothy texture and blend one more time.   The perfect balance of protein, fat and low glycemic carbs!
  4. Short-Cut Soup (aka “Refrigerator Surprise):   Here is a great way not only to prepare a time-saving meal for yourself and your family, it’s also an opportunity to use up all those leftovers!   Pour 16 oz broth (or more, depending on the servings you’d like to prepare) into a large stock pot.   Add your choice of chopped up steamed veggies and leftover proteins.   Be creative- throw it all in!  No two batches will be alike.   Heat over low and bring to a simmer.  Serve with a simple green side salad.
  5. Chilled Puree:   Who ever said broth had to be consumed piping hot?  Although we are heading into fall at the time I am writing this, there are still plenty of hot days ahead and ditching the health benefits of broth just because the temperature outside is warm isn’t necessary.      Empty the contents of one jar into the blender.  Add 1 large, peeled cucumber, 1/2 cup fresh coconut meat, 1/2 avocado, 1 clove fresh garlic.  Blend until well combined, garnish with a sprig of cilantro.

There’s no wrong way to drink bone broth; the key is finding how it fits most naturally into your daily regime, and your family’s.

It’s one of the oldest and most nose-to-tail manners of incorporating a nutrient dense, health-boosting food / drink / meal into the mix.

Good for you, good for your family, and good for the planet!