Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of The Day: Don’t Forget the Visuals

Eating, drinking and celebrating are only a part of the holidays…what about decorating? Taking the focus away from baking (or buying) treats and eating them and redirecting it to other festive activities can prove quite an effective tool for keeping spirits in the Christmas mood! Christmas trees, wreaths, door swag, mistletoe, pinecones and poinsettia plants are only the beginning! In fact, an interesting twist on an old go-to during the holidays, if you want to keep the holiday baking tradition alive,  can still be implemented, but instead of making stuff to eat, why not gear it towards making ornaments and decor for the tree? Pop some pop corn, but rather than drizzled it with butter and pecking away at it, why not string it up and use it as tree garnish? Make some sugar cookies but rather that eating them, thread a loop of sturdy string through and use them as ornaments, too.  (Don’t forget how close some baked items are to play-do; the recipes for bread and the children’s molding dough are nearly identical apart from the yeast!) Let the visual component of the holidays be just as significant as the eating part and see if that doesn’t offset the feeling of wanting to eat that fudge or drink that eggnog, if only a little!