Ordering Off of the Menu

There have been many, many times when clients, friends and family have presumed that because my husband and I follow a strictly Paleo diet, we must never, or rarely, eat out at restaurants.

Quite the contrary!

As much as I love cooking, we also enjoy dining out and do so quite regularly.

We've made it work at all types of different types of restaurants, cuisines, price ranges and countries that we've traveled to!

Yes, it does take a bit of creativity, and the confidence & comfort to ask the server to make modifications, but in the end, if you're putting it in your body, it should be something you want to consume!  Furthermore, if you're polite and gracious in asking the server to make changes, substitutions and so on, they stand only to earn a better gratuity for being all the more accommodating!

-Peruse the menu and see what looks good, without concern for the extras that come with the entree.  For example, if you fancy a filet mignon, but it comes with gorgonzola butter, order it without!

-Scan for mention of any veg; if you see a spinach omelette on the breakfast menu, that indicates they've got the leafy green in the house, so ask if you can order a side of steamed spinach in lieu of the fries that otherwise would've come with your grilled chicken.

-Skip the obligatory starch (rice, pasta, bread) and ask for double veg.

Here's a pic from lunch the other day at one of the many places we dined at here in Hawaii, whose menu listed only a series of burgers, sandwiches and a couple of salads:

The server was more than happy to ask the chef what veg was in house and he happily prepared this delicious plate of steamed veg, drizzled with olive oil!

Don't feel compelled to chose between eating Paleo and eating out- you can easily do both.  Ask, and you shall receive!