Looking For A Little Paleo ‘Crunch’?

Clients often want to know what they can use as a ‘topping’ for all sorts of  concoctions they create, from sweet to savory, as a  substitute for recipes which call for anything from toasted breadcrumbs to commercially prepared fried onion rings in a tube (not kidding, unfortunately) to wheat germ stirred into a yogurt.

Mouth feel is indeed a very important part of eating, so I understand the need for texture.

What can you use, though, that’s still Paleo?

Think flax!

Buy whole flax, grind it right before using (I throw a tablespoon in to an extra coffee grinder) and stir into a smoothie, sift over roasted veg, like in the pic above,  before finishing off with a broil, or scatter on top of a salad.

It also serves to thicken, if you’re a saucy type of person and prefer not to use the reduction method, which also, by the way, is a great way to produce a concentrated, more viscous jus.

Flax is indeed a paleo friendly source of Omega 3s as well as fiber, but do keep in mind that it, like nuts and seeds, should be used only in moderation and not as your sole source of fat.  Rely on the paleo faves of avocado, coconut and olive oil for that, as well as what you naturally get in your wild salmon.