Paleo ‘Go-To’ “Dessert”



Clients and readers often ask for dessert ideas, treat ideas, sweet ideas…what ever happened to good old fruit?

Local, seasonal and organic, fruit, all by itself can and should be the ideal go-to dessert to finsih off any meal, if you're so inclined.

One thing to take note of, however, is that if you're feeling an actual 'sugar craving' as opposed to 'the idea of a bite of fruit sounds refreshing', take a good look at what you're eating and if you're balancing everything correctly.

You can go wrong, even if you're choosing only Paleo foods, by eating too much of something during a meal.

I'll refer to an example of a client who didn't know why she kept feeling blood sugar surges and dips, despite being (what she thought of) totally Paleo.  Well, technically she was, as she wasn't eating grains, dairy or legumes, but she was eating bananas, LOTS of bananas, by themselves and several each day… because they were 'easy'.

She shall remain anonymous, and has learned that a banana after a run is a great idea, but two or three as a meal by themselves while sitting at one's desk is not.

I digress.

Fruit-lovely, tasty, natural, needs-nothing-done-to-it…

I rest my case!