Loving My Green, Paleo Smoothies

Smoothies have got to be one of the most popular go-to for meals on the fly.  It’s ridiculously easy to whip up a concoction of any combination of ingredients, and it does not, by any means, need to be syrupy sweet.

I’ve gotten in the habit of throwing at least 1/2 a bunch of kale into my smoothies, even those that I’ll have post workout.  It blends up easily even if you don’t use the workhorse of a blender, the Vitamix!

Start with water or brewed green tea, or broth if you’re going for something savory. 

Add some protein; fresh, raw eggs are a great option if you’re comfortable with them, if not, go for a runny, six-minute soft boiled version.

Allergic to eggs? Not a problem.  I learned out of necessity recently, when I had gum surgery after which I could only eat mush for about a week, that other proteins blend up quite nicely as well; shredded chicken, turkey or beef as well as baked salmon all work.

Throw in a little low glycemic fruit (frozen berries are brilliant), or something sweeter, like a ripe banana, if you’ve just done a long endurance session.

Add some fat, like coconut oil, avocado (this is great even in the sweeter varieties of smoothies) or raw almond butter once in a while.

Whiz until well blended and add some ice if you want some froth.

I also like to add turmeric for it’s anti inflammatory properties as well as ginger and cinnamon.

Keep it real, made out of pure Paleo foods, and you won’t miss any of the old stand-bys you may have used in the past like sugars, whey or soy powders or even artificial flavors.

A perfect meal on the run, any time of day!