Meat & Leaves

Meat & leaves.  This is what I like to eat.  Can you make it any simpler?


ANY grass-fed, organic, humanely-raised or wild meat (or wild fish, or free range poulty, for that matter) and ANY organic leaves make a perfect meal as far as I'm concerned.  

Don't overthink "How many grams of protein do I need if I weigh 55 kilos and I run thirty miles per week" or "how much olive oil should I drizzle on my salad"?

Yes, it is important to have a rough idea of a portion so that you're not downing a 36-ounce steak in one sitting, but come on, now… 

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it- let your body guide you.  Learn your own hunger cues and listen to them.

And when you're trying to decide what to eat, go for clean, wild or free-range protein and leaves; following is a list of a mere handful of some of the many permutations you can come up with:

Filet Mignon & Spinach

Bison Burger & Kale

Flank Steak & Mustard Greens

Venison & Chard

Elk & Dandelion Greens

Reindeer & Escarole

Salmon & Cress

Turkey & Meslcun Greens

Then, add a little fat…


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Eat.  Enjoy. Think about what's going it.  Stop when you think you've had enough and keep practicing to confirm you know what YOU personally need as far as quantity.  Don't keep eating until you feel full- doing so will leave you feeling STUFFED shortly thereafter.

Process the process.  Experience you meal on the multi sensory level that food has to offer.

Stay Paleo.

How easy is that?