Green’ Drinks… Are They Paleo?

Probably not!

For anyone who's been reading my blog since I started it in the fall of 2007, you're aware that back then, when I still had a few non-PALEO things in my diet (I, too, went through the weaning out process of eliminating all the little, potentially hidden, sources of culprits, like vitamins and GREEN DRINKS!).

Yes, I used to mix some of that green, dehydrated powder of one kind or another into my first glass of water each morning, and use it to swallow my fish oil tabs and food-based multi.


What's the problem with that?

Well, they can contain any number of non Paleo foods, ranging from added sugars and flavors to grains like wheat and barley, to legumes like soy lecithin (another non food item that I used to consume years ago!).

If you're taking the green powders in attempt to reap their promoted 'alkalizing' effect on the body, simply following the Paleo Diet will serve the same purpose, and you needn't take any extras to achieve this!

On the other hand, if any of you readers have come across a brand that you think IS Paleo, reply to my post as it would be good to know such a thing exists, although I've not seen anything along those lines yet!

Once again- JUST…