No Corn, Soy or Wheat in These Dog Treats

“No soy, gluten or wheat” stated the package of dog treats in the local pet food shop.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled when I find something to give our Daisy, the nearly fifteen year old Weimaraner, as a two or three times per day treat.  When I write treat, I mean what is essentially jerky.  She’s not getting pieces of bread, cheese and scraps of junk which we don’t even have in the house.    While most of her food is prepared from scratch, it does come in handy to have this type of portable dog treat, and the brand pictured above offers a superior product than most others.

The issue I have is that we have so many products so filled with junk that it has to be stated when something doesn’t have all those nasty fillers.

It’s pretty obvious why the state of pet food is what it is; it’s far cheaper to sell a treat made out of a trace of some kind of meat (and there’s no telling what is was or where it came from) and loads of corn, wheat and soy compared to selling a package of grass-fed bison jerky.

And then we wonder why our pets have allergies, joint pain and cancer.

And then we try and fix what could easily have been prevented.

Do yourself, and your dog, a favor and raise him or her as a Paleo animal.   Paying more for True Paleo Food now is far less than the emotional cost of seeing them become ill and the financial burden of tests, medicine and procedures.