Paleo Doesn’t Have To Be Cavie…

Certainly, it can be, but that's only one way to approach it.

There are different methods to be Paleo, such as literally living as close to paleolithic man did, via eating only what one kills or forages and mimicking similar exercise and eating patterns.

Alternatively, one can follow a lifestyle similar to the one I choose- with the focus being on eating Paleo foods, while incorporating other facets of one's life into a modern day approach.

I bring this up not because one way is superior to another; rather to encourage those of you who think ONLY of 'cavemen eating raw meat and wearing loin cloths' when hearing the word 'paleo' to be a bit open minded and at least explore the possibility.

Take the name of this lifestyle out of the picture for a moment.  If someone told you that you should eat whole, real foods, i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables, natural proteins and healthy fats, and NOT eat refined, processed carbohydrate products, wouldn't you tend to agree that it seems like a sounds approach to good nutrition and thus, good health?

Regardless of whether you're an athlete or not, male or female, younger or not as young, please keep in mind that if the only reason you've shied away from the idea before is because you felt it seemed too 'macho' or too 'masculine' or too 'extreme' (all three are terms that clients have used when describing their ideas about going Paleo… before I showed them the way!  :), reconsider- and give it a good old college try.

I can assure you it is NOT only for him:


It's also for people like…


(Shown here on my wedding day… as reference that Paleo, again, does NOT need to convey macho man! )