Paleo Mistake # 4- Assuming It’s Paleo

While the majority of the food we eat should not have a package or wrapper to begin with, there are exceptions.  

For example, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or the ‘in a pinch’ can of tuna (which we’d need to rinse to rid it of excessive sodium), both of which have a part in Paleo living.

How about other foodstuff and recipes, for that matter, that are tagged as being Paleo?  Fair game?

Unfortunately not.

I’ve come across many a product which, despite the fact that I’d love it to be the case that we could grab something to go and be confident it was Paleo, is far, far from it.

I’ve one product called “Primal Strips” which contain seitan, yeast and soy (upon further investigation, one can see they’re actually marketed toward vegans) and another protein powder labeled as Paleo which sourced its protein from peas!

In addition, I’ve been approached by authors who’ve written “Paleo Cookbooks” who’ve asked me to review and endorse their books, yet they’re using soy sauce. canned coconut milk and vinegar.

As always, caveat emptor.

Do your research and read before eating!