Start Where You Are

Did you know that if you get in even a short bout of exercise first thing in the morning, before a healthy, Paleo breakfast, that it can be the easiest way to set the stage for a more active and productive day?

Even a thirty minute walk. If it’s been quite a while since you engaged in any activity, your first step could be a shorter duration than thirty minutes.

There is no judgement on where you start.  You are where you are and getting frustrated with yourself for where you think you should have been by now does no good.

Refocus that energy on now and get moving!

What starts as a one mile walk can build to two, then three and so on.

Following that up with a Paleo first meal of the day such as two soft boiled eggs over steamed kale with avocado on the side, for example, helps to boost your metabolism even further and allow you to function on a fat-burning, rather than fat-storing, metabolism.

It is that simple.

Sure, it may take a while, but patience combined with a slow but safe and steady proves to be the healthiest and most sustainable way to go to achieve long term weight loss and overall optimal health.

So- go Paleo, get moving and focus on the now!

Up &  at ’em!