The “Secret Food” of Athletes?

I was lured by the title of an article on the front cover of a magazine my husband receives as a thank you for having subscribed to some other publication he actually wanted.

In large, yellow letters, it read “The Secret Food of Athletes”.  I just had to read it.  

Unsure as to exactly what I expected, I’d have guessed I’d find something recommending the unfortunately typical stand-bys like oatmeal for breakfast or a ‘healthy’ whole grain-based sandwich.

Rather, it was more of a guideline with 8 steps on how to fine tune ‘what’s right for you’ like ‘addressing your own issues’ and ‘changing your relationship with food’.

Fair enough, I suppose… but then I saw what I was looking for.  The little side bars with synopses of what some athletes eat for their must-have fuel, including such things as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, eggs with toast and low fat ice cream.

Why that was newsworthy is beyond me.

Apart from that, how about a recommendation somewhere that an athlete might want to include loads of fresh veg and fruit to make sure they saturate their bodies with rich sources of anti oxidants and fiber?  The only mention I found was a suggestion within a paragraph to ‘get more veggies, nuts and seeds’ in your diet, as though doing so is just a small afterthought rather than something of utmost importance.

I guess as long as you’re keeping up with your PB&Js and toast, you don’t need those veggies, anyway.  Right…

Oh, the frustration!