Too Much to Choose From

Before my afternoon flight the other day, I had about thirty minutes before I boarded, so I took the opportunity to eat my pre-plane snack of steamed broccoli, lime, olive oil and turkey.  (Pre-plane, because even though I do bring veg on board, I prefer to not bring those of the more, well, odoriferous type, just out of courtesy to the passengers around me.  There are plenty of other options so I can simply get my cruciferous fix before and after!).

A man sitting not too far away commented on how he wished he would be a healthier eater, especially when he visits New York, which was where I was heading, but the simple fact that there are so many wonderful places to choose from in the big apple makes it far too tricky to eat properly when he’s here.

I don’t get it.

When I’m here, I not only eat healthfully, I stay true to my Paleoista principles, regardless of what type of cuisine I’m eating as eel as whether I’m at a hole in the wall or an upscale eatery more of the posh genre.

It doesn’t have to be a choice: healthy versus tasting good,  trying a plethora of different cuisines or dining out period.

It can be all done at the same meal. With a little bit of learning about what the key facets to any type of regional place you’re dining at, as well as asking some questions, the culinary world can still be your oyster even while dining out and keeping Paleo all the while.

If, on the other hand, you simply opt to go faux-Paleo, or not-so-Paleo and are willing to bear the brunt of any repercussions you may face in terms of negative side effects to your body, that’s another story.  

That is simply a decision each person may make, but don’t confuse that with the idea that it has to be a choice between Paleo or eating good food/being a foodie or enjoying all sorts of different worldly foods.

Having fun when you’re eating, as it is far more than just ‘putting fuel into the body’, doing it socially and being creative,  are actually key components to ensure longevity on this healthy lifestyle approach.  No one wants to feel they’re living, and eating, in a bubble!

And regarding that glass of wine you see pictured above?   Not a big deal as an occasional splurge on the Paleo diet.  

Rich in antioxidants, helpful in lowering bad cholesterol and boosting heart health, it’s something I quite enjoy, too.  But only for the health benefits, of course.  Really, it’s just like taking a vitamin.