Weekend (Over)eating

Does this sound like you?

You are 'good' all week long; you pack your lunch on Monday, plan out all of your snacks for the week, get your workouts in and then, slowly, as the week progresses, you find your motivating waning and your hunger increasing?  By the time Friday rolls around, you feel like you've done a decent job, overall, during the week and you feel like a 'splurge' for dinner on Friday night is warranted, so you order the fried calamari, or that extra cocktail?

Probably not such a HUGE deal in the grand scheme of things, if it stops there, but what if you carry the mentality of, 'Oh well, I blew my diet, so I might as well eat whatever I want all weekend long and start over on Monday'?'

Unfortunately, that manner of thinking is all too common.  Just the other day, I read an article which stated that a recent study showed people having difficulty losing weight tended to eat 36% of their weekly calories on Saturday in addition to not exercising!

To reiterate what I've said in other blog entries, if you're eating real food in a balanced and frequent manner, you'll not want to be "bad" and go off the deep end of your nutritional plan.  Further, if you plan ahead for the occasional splurge, whether you want an ice cream or some other decadent treat, you can budget your calories accordingly, not have to worry about gaining weight and not feel guilty about it!

So, once again, it all comes back to planning.  Have the healthy food in the fridge,  eat it at regular intervals, DON'T let yourself get to the point of being starving, and you'll be far more able to make healthy food choices, even on the weekend!