What About Olives?

If olive oil is Paleo, aren’t olives Paleo, too?


Similar to yesterday’s bacon post, though, it depends on the source.  More often than not, the olive preparation does render it not Paleo friendly as they’re often packed in brine with lots of sodium and sometimes vinegar.

However, if you do some research, you can find olives that are not treated with nonPaleo foods, which then leaves them perfectly Paleo!

One example of such a product is rawgannique.com which offers a wide variety of natural, raw, organic, kosher, completely unadulterated olives.

Treat yourself to some of these beauties and you’ll find yourself with a range of options of creations and concoctions to make.  Blend with garlic, fresh thyme and lemon to make a Paleo tapenade, or mince and toss into some baked, shredded spaghetti squash with fresh oregano and black pepper to make a pseudo-pasta dish.  Or, simply warm slightly in a ceramic serving dish, stir in some fresh rosemary and serve as an appetizer.