What supplements do I really need to take?

What a confusing topic!  There are literally thousands of supplements out there, and one can easily become overwhelmed with regard to what to take and when, and with what, and so on…  Add to that the fact that you may not always know exactly what you're getting when you swallow one of those tasteless, hard little pills and you've got all the more reason to scratch your head!

First of all, I'd recommend keeping it simple.  Please keep in mind that the following is intended for the healthy adult, female or male, without health concerns.   I certainly don't profess to be a doctor, but I do feel confident stating that we could probably all benefit from:

– Fish Oil (my brand of choice is Nordic Naturals.  They're molecularly distilled and have a lemon infusion so you don't get that awful fish- repeating taste later in the day!)
– A food-based multi-vitamin.   While I love Rainbow Lite, you'll likely be safe with other food-based brands you might acquire from any reputable healthy food shoppe.  I see the multi vitamin as an 'insurance policy' of sorts; just filling in any holes in the diet that you might not be getting from real food.

Again, if you have ANY concerns that you're deficient in anything, check with your doctor for specific recommendations.

A few other things to keep in mind:

-Combining vitamin C rich foods with iron will significantly increase absorption.  
-Conversely, having your morning cup of coffee with significantly REDUCE absorption of many vitamins and minerals.   

Hopefully it goes without saying, yet I'll say it anyway- you're best bet is to get the majority of vitamins and minerals in your diet. DON'T think that eating fast food at every meal is OK simply because you've popped a pill!    

Stay healthy!