What’s Up, Chuck?

“So you do recommend eating fattier meat?”, a blog reader asked me in an email the other day. Yes, I do. Sometimes. I am not a fan of eating only fatty cuts of meat, no more than I am a fan of only eating skinless, boneless chicken breast.  It’s all about the balance. Sometimes, buy the grass fed chuck roast and make an incredibly decadent dinner and pay about a quarter of the price you’d pay for filet mignon. Other times, buy the grass fed filet. If you’ve been scared away from the fatty cut, don’t be. Give it a try.  It’s as easy as cutting it into cubes, browning them, then adding some chopped veggies, broth and sticking them in the oven to slow cook. You won’t believe how delectable it is… or that you can eat this on your ‘diet’.  (Do we really need to use that word any more?) Similarly, sometimes, buy the wild salmon that weighs in at $27.99/pound… and sometimes, buy wild cod, which is less expensive and also contains less fat. Please don’t think for a minute I’m not recommending fish oil, because I believe we should all be eating fish oil every day, but for purposes of this blog, the point is that we should be balancing it all. Cost. Fat content. And so on. Paleo is not a low fat approach to eating, nor is it an all fat approach to eating.  If you happen to have a day when you eat leaner proteins during the day, add more avocado, more olive oil or more coconut oil to the meals. And if you find yourself enjoying a lovely grass fed rib eye, some wild King salmon and several eggs, on that day, you may need less fat from other sources. Balance.. is key.