1-2-3 Cook: Grilled Veggies for the 4th

Cooking can be daunting, overwhelming and confusing.

For many, it’s challenging enough to figure out what to eat and where to buy it, let alone how to then carve out time to prepare it.

There are now so many beautiful websites as well as printed cookbooks offering lovely, tasty dishes, but still, if you’re already feeling a bit cautious about ‘donning that apron, a list of 10 plus ingredients followed by two pages of instruction can be enough to opt to go the prepared food route.

This is precisely why I’m presenting recipes based on their ease of prep time without sacrificing an abundance of flavor.

Recipes with less than five ingredients and three steps.

After all, when you buy local and in season, why not focus on tasting the flavors inherent in each protein, vegetable, herb, spice and natural fat?

Click here for my recipe (actually, the more I think of it, it’s more like an un-recipe!) just in time for that 4th of July BBQ you may be planning tomorrow.

Use whichever your favorite cooking fat might be; this time I had a whirl with a new brand, Fat Works, who kindly shared with me some very interesting fats, including Wild Boar Lard!