A Heap Of Bones


What IS that, you must be thinking?  

Aside from possibly being the ugliest pic I've ever posted on my blog, it is indeed, a pile of bones.

Rabbit bones, chicken bones and beef bones, to be precise.

What on earth?

Well, being one to never want to waste (my grandmother used to say, "Waste not, want not."), I had several containers of leftover this and that in the freezer that each were over a month or two old.  

Yesterday, I took some of them out of the freezer and put them into the fridge to defrost, then set to make a plan of how to use them.

This morning, into the dutch oven went the remainder of some (Paleo!) Coq au Vin, braised beef and rabbit stew.  I let it simmer on the stove until all the meat fell off all the bones, then picked out said bones, as well as a hunk of ginger and a bouquet garnis, tied with kitchen twine.

Then, I let it cool and picked out all the bones, then picked out the meat and finally, pureed the remaining liquid with whatever bits were left, such as garlic cloves or pieces of onion and mushroom.

The result is a delish puree that can be used for many things, including a base for another soup, or even a dip for crudites.  AND- I think I'll even share some of it with the dogs, but only because I manually sifted though all of it and am completely sure there are not any little bones lurking in it!