Christmas Time Is Coming!

For anyone who's been Paleo for a while, the fact that the lovely holiday season is here won't be worrying, as you already know it's not only easy, but delicious to eat Purely Paleo foods and not miss a beat on any holiday enjoyment!

How is this possible?

By keeping the themes, flavors, colors and ideas that represent the holidays to you and yours, you can recreate everything in Paleo-friendly terms.

Some of the many things we incorporate in our homes, that I also use with clients include:

Swapping out dairy milk and white sugar for fresh coconut milk and a touch of honey, and skipping the booze, in order to make a kid-friendly egg nog.

Forget the bread-based stuffing; we go with assorted, roasted squash with sage, black pepper, olive oil and yellow onion and celery.

Instead of a theme drink along the lines of a syrupy Christmas Cosmo, it's a neat Ciroq Vodka (this brand is one of the few NOT made with grains or potato, rather it's made from grapes).  Clear alcohol that is NOT derived from grain is a far better option to chose on occasion over beer or a 700 -calorie-alcoholic milkshake.

Cakes, cookies, pies?  Not so much.  Refer to my Paleo Truffle recipe for a small hint of Paleo decadence.

As always, offering plates of crudite and/or fresh fruit, like cinnamon dusted apples with raw walnuts for guests to nibble on when hosting cocktail parties proves a far healthier, and enjoyable option over cheese and cracker.

Got specific questions or need help converting your holiday menu plans into Paleo friendly versions?

Send me an email; it will make a great blog topic, and no doubt, your questions are shared by other readers, too!


Graham, Daisy & pressies… Christmas 2010