Garlic & Oil on any veg works!

Garlic makes everything tasty!  Combine it with some extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil in a cast-iron skillet and you're ready to turn any veg into a flavor-bursting treat!

Yes, cooking does reduce some of the nutrients in fruit & veggies, so I do suggest making sure to include some raw in your diet as well.

However, nothing at all wrong with giving your veg a little steam, saute, roast or blanch!

As I mentioned above, try any veg sauteed in garlic & oil.  You needn't drown the poor things in oil, either, as you only need a little.  Cook the garlic in the oil early on during your dinner prep, leave the leaves out until RIGHT before you're going to serve dinner.  The leaves cook so quickly and the last thing you want is a pile of soggy, brown veggies. 

I typically start my nightly dinner prep with the salad first, then, if I'm cooking veg (as opposed to serving it raw- there's always veg at every single meal), I'll do any early prep, then cook my protein and throw the leafy bits in right before I serve the meal. 

Cover your plate in heaps of salad, and whichever veg (or multiple veggies!) you've chosen for the night, serve your lean protein on top, with some good fat via avocado or flax, to name a few, and you're good to go!

Finish it off with some fresh berries… perfect balance, perfect taste!