Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Start the Day with A Little Extra Protein

If you’re transitioning away from the Standard American Special to the healthy Paleo lifestyle, one thing that’s rather important to do sooner than later is to make sure you take a good look at the macro nutrients of your meals. We’re conditioned to start the day with cereal, bagels or oatmeal as the ‘healthy’ choices and the protein options can sometimes go by the wayside, or be blurred as far as which are the better options, and which are not, so much. Why now, at this time of year in particular? Well, if you start the day with a sugar infusion (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but even oats, bagels or whole grain toast have this effect) , you’re setting yourself up for a blood sugar spike, insulin response and then a series of more of the same all day long. Come afternoon or dinner time when you may be squeezing in a trip to the mall for some harried gift shopping, it’ll be all that easier to inhale a cinnamon bun or a Christmas cookie if you’re tanking. Instead, why not have some  pastured eggs over easy with steamed veggies, or some poached salmon and sautéed greens?   You’ll be more satiated, have better focus at work and a steadier energy level all day long, which will make it much easier to deal with the angry shopper who tried to steal your parking spot, or the grumpy clerk who couldn’t be bothered helping you find just the right perfume for your mom’s gift. Ah, the magic of eating real, Paleo food!