Pack for your flight

I've written about this before, but for some reason, many people seem to be a bit overwhelmed or daunted by the idea of bringing food on the plane.

What's the alternative, though?

Unless you're in business or first, and even then you are not guaranteed you'll get something healthy, you're choices of food are going to be slim to none!

Just as if you were bringing your lunch to work, keep the same mindset and pack for the plane.

Things like apples, pears, raw nuts, carrot sticks, sliced turkey and  bell peppers require little more than a re-freezable ice-pack  (really only for the protein), yet will serve to keep you fueled and energizing throughout the duration of the flight, without being subject to either: starving or eating items that aren't food.

(How long do you suppose those hydrogenated cookies or dried out pretzel bags sit on the cart before they're discarded?  Actually, are they ever discarded? Frightening!)