GI Distress While Running

It happens to all of us.  We’re running along, having a great workout and then… all of a sudden, that ominous feeling of impending doom in the gut hits us and our focus on stride, cadence and pace turns into a desperate search for a restroom, or worse, some bushes.

While I’m very happy to say this hardly ever happens to me since I’ve become Paleo, it certainly does happen once in a while.  (Before that, incidentally, I’d be sick to my stomach during most workouts, thanks to that gluten-filled bagel I’d eaten before hand, or that pasta dinner the night before).

Whether you run too close to the time you’ve eaten, or you ate something ‘off’ the night before, the end result is the same and it can ruin your run.

But does it have to?

Absolutely not!


By not overreacting.  Yes, you may need to make an unexpected pit stop, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut the run short and head home in a funk.

Hopefully, you’ve got your electryolyte tabs with you (I like the Meta Salt brand, personally) and some water, so rehydrate, replace those salts, take in some calories and get your head back in the game.

Give yourself a chance to salvage the run and you might find that you’re actually feeling a bit lighter on your feet (after getting rid of what may have literally been weighing you down) and once again, able to get back in the game.

I’ve actually had some of my best run workouts after such a situation.

Builds mental toughness, too! 

Of course, if you’ve got other symptoms, for example, chills and fever and you’re coming down with the flu, that’s a whole other situation and you may simply need to get some rest.

Listen to your body, of course, but don’t overreact to every little thing.