Paleo and…Skin Care?

Just the other day, a reader asked if I'd do a post about skin care.  At first, I wondered whether that would be going too far out of the realm of Paleo, but then it dawned on me…

It's SO related…why?  Because when one follows the Paleo diet properly, their skin radiates!  Not exaggerating,  Why do you suppose there are so many people who've dealt with horrible acne for ages that after a few days, already begin to see positive changes.

How one's skin looks is so much a part of what's going on inside, that it would be completely remiss for one to try and address their skin's appearance without considering one's diet.

OK, having said that, yes, there are products I love, and some I don't.  Some are more on the natural side (like using pure coconut oil on my hair before I swim to help keep it hydrated), or cocoa butter on my skin as it's such a fantastic moisturizer… and others, since I'm totally a spa-kinda-girl, are more on the decadent, amazingly-scented, to-die-for products.  

An aesthetician I  had years ago used the phrase 'cherry-picking' as it pertains to cosmetics and skin care lines.  I used Clarins for yesars, then Dr. Sebagh, then Shu Uemura, then SkinCeuticals for years; now |'m in a Decleor phase, but I do tend to incorporate a little of one line and a little of another.

Honest to God, though, my skin looks clear and healthy because of what I'm eating (and what I'm not!)