Paleo at Work


I am going nuts.  I am trying so hard to stay Paleo but it seems like every single day someone is bringing in Christmas Candy, or Christmas Cookies or Holiday something or other to the office.  It's impossible to go into the break room at work, or even into people's offices without finding some sort of naughty thing to pick on.  Even worse, because we're in crunch time at the end of the calendar year, it's more often the case than not that I'm stuck in meetings for HOURS and if someone remembers to arrange to have food brought in, it's sandwiches and cookies.  So basically, my options are to starve or eat absolute junk.  By the time I get home I'm usually starving because I desperately want to stay Paleo but I will admit it's getting more and more difficult.  What can I do?


Lori,  Boston

There are probably millions of people in your exact situation.  It is not fun and it's not easy.  However, it is fixable.

More than ever, you'll have to allocate the time to prep your foods and bring with you.  Understandably, you're not exactly going to whip out a container of steamed broccoli in the middle of your boss's presentation BUT if you're discreet about it, you can get away with it.

One technique that works really well with client I've had that also had little to no time to eat (doctors & nurses) is to capitalize on liquid meals.  Not only are they easy to sip, but if you put your concoctions in thermal vessels or dark (safe, BPA- free) plastic containers and use a straw, no one will even know you're drinking anything aside from water!

It doesn't have to be all about sweet either, so don't mistake what I'm saying for the idea that you should drink milkshakes all day long!

Vary what you put in the blender each morning and create two or three (depending on how long your work day is) 'shakes' or 'smoothies' , bring them to work in your thermal tote and rest assured you won't go hungry.

Some examples might be:

-Water, kale, soft boiled eggs, avocado, garlic, turmeric and a little steamed broccoli for thickness.  

-Decaf, chilled green tea, Swiss chard, olive oil, some baked pumpkin for thickness and throw in some shredded baked chicken for protein

-Homemade broth, raw almond butter, cauliflower, shredded roast turkey breast and spinach

Blend with some ice, pour into your portable drink container, and no one will ever know the difference.

Make up your own favorite concoctions using any leafy green veggies, some healthy fat and some protein. Having balanced meals will do wonders in helping you pass on all those Christmas treats that everyone is bringing in to the office!

Pour this:

into this:


Insert straw and shhh…..